Lionel Messi about to kick a football in his Barcelona football kit, 2018.

1987 –

Messi has said, “You have to fight to reach your dreams. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.”

As a young boy, Lionel Messi tagged along when his two older brothers played football with their friends. Although he was small, the bigger boys never intimidated Lionel. His size meant that he could move fast. Lionel was eventually diagnosed with a hormone deficiency which restricted his growth, but that didn’t stop him from training hard and working toward his goal of being the best footballer he could be. Today, many people consider Lionel Messi the best football player of all time. He is grateful for the opportunities he had in life, and he has established a foundation that works to help children realize their dreams.

Self-control: ‘I can manage my emotions, behaviour and actions. I focus on the task in hand and don’t get distracted’.

Self-control is essential to all of us in whatever walk of life we chose. It’s a learning journey and something that we all develop as we mature. Take a moment to reflect on which element is hardest for you to manage. Your emotions, your behaviour or your actions?

Thinking about the role of self-control in the life of someone amazing is one way to reflect on this important strength. Ada Lovelace’s story is one of self-control. Her mother saw her father, Lord Byron, to be lacking in this area, and she strongly encouraged Ada to develop this strength. Explore her story and see what can be learnt from her.

Can you tap into your self-control to get you through when you encounter obstacles?

Photo: [CC BY-SA]